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When your needs can be met outside of court – they are. When you go to trial, Q.E.D. goes with you. Brooks Topp (a lawyer at Q.E.D. in Alberta) brings over 14+ years of experience to the Alberta Court of Justice, The Court of King’s Bench, or the Appeals Court.

 $450 per hour†
$450 per hour

We appreciate the opportunity to act as your counsel on legal matters. Learn more about the services available at our practice or contact us for a consultation.

Minimum Retainer of $5000
For most matters
billed in tenths of an hour ($45 minimum)
 $450 per hour2†
$200 per junior associate hour

Let us provide you with information about your options to settle outside of court. Junior associates or legal assistants may be used to your benefit.

Junior Associate $200 / legal assistant $150.

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